Valentine's Day marks the two month anniversary of the tragic shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. As we celebrate those we love, Sandy Hook Promise is asking all Americans to keep the community of Newtown in their hearts.

Send your love and support to the community today. SHARE a valentine, make the Sandy Hook Promise, and help us send #1MillionHearts to Newtown.

About Sandy Hook Promise:

Sandy Hook Promise is the nonprofit organization created by members of the Newtown community in response to the Sandy Hook tragedy. Our mission is to support the families of the victims, the survivors, first responders, the teachers and staff of the school, and our entire community of Newtown by providing financial and service support and assistance whenever possible, and for as long as it takes for each individual to heal.

We are committed to making Newtown be remembered as the place where we came together, both as a community and as a nation, and decided that we must do everything we can to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. Join us. Help us secure real change.

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